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Hi, my name is Ace, and I could use some support, or at least a vaguely positive word or two :)
I consider myself a Liberal person, most of the time. If it weren't for the horrendous anti-Israel bias in some left-leaning communities, I'd probably be a bona fide tree-hugger(tm) and of course a registered Democrat (no party registered at the moment).
Recently I wrote a post expressing optimism that Arafat's replacement might turn out to be more moderate and inclined to serious peace negotiations, as well as someone who can hopefully make the lives of the average Palestinian better.
And then all heck broke loose. Here is a link to the comments on that post.
Now as you can see, I have some friends who aren't so into my line of reasoning that Israel is not responsible for the entire friggin' mess in the middle east, but they're good friends and I try to be nice (with varying levels of success). Why is it that otherwise very fairminded, reasonable people who abhor hatred and injustice seem to treat Israel's attempts to keep domestic violence to a dull roar as nothing more than "oppression"?
Hey, for that matter, why am I the only liberal zionist I know??

I wish this issue didn't matter to me, that I could just ignore all of this, but I have family in Israel, and as a Jew I can't help but recognize the anti-semitism that too often comes along with anti-Zionism, or at least is partly responsible for its birth.

So...I'm having what I hope is a friendly and slightly polite debate with this friend, and of course someone had barge in and spoil things, as you can see from the posts on the end of that page. I like to try and keep things civil, but sometimes I have a very, very difficult time of it :oP
It's confusing sometimes - I like to think of myself as a compassionate person who seeks justice, but these days it seems I can't even stand up for Israel's very right to exist without people using lots of adjectives such as "fascist" and "racist" to describe me. What gives?

Anyway, it's good to find a group like this where I can vent my frustrations. I hope y'all are doing well :)
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